DesignRealisation influences, references and source of ideas.



Eric Ravilious, Wedgwood Alphabet. Understated British design.

Citroen H Van. Utilitarian aesthetic.

Pashley Bicycles. Stylish timeless transport.

Penguin Books. Iconic covers.

George Orwell "Nineteen Eighty-Four". Atmospheric genius.

Swiss Army Knife. Original multi-tool.

RAF Roundel. The coolest logo.

Harris Tweed Jacket. All a true Chap requires.

Bosch Jigsaw. A modern classic.

Festival of Britain 1951. Tonic to cheer and inspire post war nation.

Lucienne Day, Calyx. Design still termed modern.

Blue Peter badge / Vision-On logo, Tony Hart. An inspirational legend!

The Testcard. A lot to be said for boredom to inspire.

Ian Dury by Peter Blake. Individual style icons.

Lego. The Design Toy.

Pulp, Mis-shapes CD promo dress pattern. Quirky band, quirky concept.

I-Spy badge. Look more at our real world.

B-52's 'Wild Planet'. Kitsch, Kooky Music and look.

TG Green mug of Tea. The national drink.

David Bowie. British Fountainhead.

Ladybird Books. Great design format and stylish.

George Mallory's 1924 Everest expedition. Chaps to the very end.

Tony Hancock 'The Rebel'. Great modern fable with wonderful artwork.

Paul Smith's custom mini. Simple classy design.

Used Paint Brushes. Symbols of potential.

Paddington. Refugee who is made welcome but would you leave him alone in your kitchen?